Agreement to reduce CO2 emissions in the Spanish primary aluminium sector

Terra Actualidad - EFE. The Spanish Enviroment Ministry has signed today an agreement with the regional goverments of Asturias and Galicia and Alcoa (Owner of the three only primary aluminium plants in Spain) to reduce CO2 emissions in 100.000 metric tons between 2008 and 2012.

The agreement was signed by the Enviroment Minister, Cristina Narbona, Alcoa Spain President, José Ramón Camino, and the Enviroment Councillors of Asturias and Galicia, Belén Fernández y Manuel Vázquez, respectively.

The reduction in emissions greenhouse effect will be done in the factories of Alcoa in A Coruña and San Ciprián, from Galicia; and Avilés (Asturias). They have a capacity of production of 410.000 metric tons of aluminium every year.

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