Technical Office Services

  • Creation of drawings following the standars, starting from testing parts or information from customer.
  • Design and calculation of profiles, systems and series.
  • Calculation and drawing of tooling (bolsters, rings, adapters, sub-bolsters...).
  • Genration of quality rules, packing way, and extrusion parameters exportable to different enviroments.
  • Studies for die production and extrusion conditions.

    Die Correction Assesoring

  • Organization and control of die work shop.
  • Design rules for dies.
  • Die correction rules.
  • Die corrector training.
  • Die nitriding, cleaning and maintenance rules.


  • Study of necessities of training.
  • Adapted training for each job position.

    Installation Studies

  • Study of effectiveness in extrusion plants and analisis of improvement of the main factors.
  • Study of capacity of each element in the installation.
  • Analisis of complete die park.

    Improvement of Production System

  • With data obtained previusly is possible make an optimization of resources reaching the best possible productivity.
  • Advising and study of suppliers to buy new equipment.
  • Document and develop of specific and small sofware for the correct managment of production system.

    Starting up of New Plants

  • Advising and study of new plants supliers, capacity and necessities
  • Attainment of the best production point in the shorter possible timefor new plants.

    Investigation Projects

  • Own projects.
  • Customer proposed projects.

    Industrial Design, New Products in Aluminium

  • Develop of new profile series.
  • Search of new applications for aluminium in different sectors.